Planning and Constructing:

Campervan vs. Website

How has building campervans made me a better UX designer and provided me with the skills to build a website, you might ask? I spent nearly two years, planning and building a campervan to travel North America in. Through this, I gained a huge number of skills that I did not previously have and fully realized the strength my determination has against large obstacles. 

Surprisingly, building a campervan and building a website contain a multitude of similarities as they are both highly involved and complicated processes. Research and planning are key to creating the ideal product  that is intuitive and user friendly. To begin with, both processes have required me to first look at the over-arching  goals, structures and budget before focusing on the specifics of the project. For example, the first van I built was much smaller and less complicated because I didn’t want to invest too much into a lifestyle I was unsure about. The second van built was infinitely more complicated and expensive but resulted in an extremely comfortable, portable home. 

The importance of

Learning new skills

In order to create such an ideal product, the design aspects have to be extremely detail oriented, and creative solutions were not just needed but absolutely necessary. Flexing this creative, problem solving muscle is something that I use a lot when building websites. Another thing I learned about myself during this process, was my dedication to learning new skills. I had no previous carpentry, electrical or mechanical skills but rose to the challenge regardless.

The processes for building campervans and websites are a lot more similar than one would expect.

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