Hi, I am Justyn

your one-stop individual for all your UX design needs. I am passionate about creating human-centred experiences that look and feel incredible.

UX Design Institute

The projects that I completed in the UX Design Institute (including the low-fidelity mockup of an airline website, pictured here), provided me with the tools and confidence I needed to start implementing these principles onto real websites.

Harvest Ventures

Harvest Ventures was the first website that I designed and built using the skills I had just learned. This was a big undertaking for me because I was not only designing and organizing the flow, but I also built the website using WordPress.

The website needed a whole restructuring to better match the average person's mental model. Re-organizing the site to increase predictability means that users will spend less time trying to understand the website.

Are you interested in seeing more about what I changed on their new website? Click below!